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Let's Celebrate our Youth!!!

Youth Month 2019


April is Youth Month!  This year the theme is:

The Future is Your$ - Picture it, $ave for it & $hare it!

Saving is a great tool in building financial success, so why not start now!  During the month of April, the opening deposit for youth accounts is only $5.00*!  Youth that come in during the month of April will also receive a gift bag.  Supplies are limited, so stop in and see the girls! 

This year our coloring contest is a little different.  Participants will draw a picture inside the provided frame of something that they want to save for.  There are 3 age groups, and a winner will be selected from each group.  The winners of the coloring contest will receive a $5.00 deposit into their savings account!!  Pictures can be turned in at any time during the month, and will be displayed in our lobby.  The deadline for entries is April 26th and they will be judged on April 29th. 

We love to see people, especially youth set and reach financial goals.  Picturing your goals brings incentive to Save and makes Sharing it that much more rewarding.  If you haven't already, come in and open a youth account this month!! 

*Youth accounts are for youth 0 to 18 years of age. 

Click here for a printable PDF version of the frame for the contest. 


Why make lemonade when you can avoid the lemons altogether?


We now offer CARFAX

Shopping for a used vehicle? Save money by ordering your Carfax vehicle history report through the Credit Union! Our experienced loan officers can help you with each step of the car buying process.

Protecting our membership is the credit union way...


Before purchasing your next vehicle, stop by the credit union and ask one of our loan officers about our GAP PLUS and Route 66 Extended Warranty programs. The premium for these plans can be included in the balance of your loan, giving you extra protection in an affordable way.

Check below to see how these programs can benefit you:

Guaranteed Auto Protection

In today's economy, most vehicles depreciate in value far quicker than how we can pay down the balance on the auto loan. If your vehicle is stolen or damaged to the point of total loss, YOU are responsible for paying the difference between your loan balance and what the insurance company says your vehicle is worth!

With GAP PLUS, you are covered by this difference, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars! An easy example:

Your loan payoff:
Vehicle value determined by insurance:
Insurance deductible:
$$$ 4,500.00 $$$

Route 66 Extended Warranty

Route 66 Extended Warranty

A wise person once said...anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

So why not protect yourself?

United Northwest Federal Credit Union can now offer most borrowers a Route 66 Extended Warranty! At just a fraction of the cost charged by most dealerships, your Route 66 plan will cover you from issues with engines, brakes, electronics, and much more!!!

You can choose from three different plans of varying cost and coverage: Easy Street, Main Street, and First Street. All plans include a handful of amazing benefits. To name a few:

  • No Deductible
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Roadside Service
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never purchase an extended warranty from a dealership without checking with the Credit Union first! We may be able to offer you better or comparable coverage at a cheaper price! Talk to Heather or Mindy for more details.


Are you a high school senior graduating this May? If you are planning on attending college, check out our scholarship!!!