Certificate rates subject to change daily.

Minimum Deposit Term Rate APY
$500 3 Months 0.40% 0.401%
$500 6 Months 0.50% 0.501%
$1,000 12 Months 0.75% 0.751%
$1,000 18 Months 0.85% 0.852%
$1,000 24 Months 0.90% 0.902%
$1,000 36 Months 1.00% 1.002%

*United Northwest FCU charges a penalty fee for early withdrawal on all certificates. Please contact the Credit Union for more information about fees.



Simple Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Range Share Balance Required to Earn Rate

 Regular Share Savings 




Auxiliary Share Savings









 $50.00 to $9,999.99

 $10,000.00 to $49,999.99

 $50,000.00 and above



NOW Checking                  0.50% 0.50%  $2,500.00
IRA's                                   2.00% 2.02%  $50.00

These rates are paid using a daily balance method.  In the Regular Share Savings accounts, a minimum balance of $50.00 must be maintained on a daily basis to earn a dividend for that day. Regular Share Savings accounts that drop below $50.00 at any given time will be charged a $1.00 service fee at the end of the quarter. A $20.00 service charge will be imposed if an account is closed before 1 years time. A $5.00 charge is imposed on accounts for transfers that bring the balance below $50.00 at the time of the transfer. Accounts closed before the dividend posting date (the last day of each quarter) will not receive a dividend for that quarter.  Inactive accounts are considered dormant after 4 years and will be charged a dormant account fee of $10.00 per month. For a full list of our service fees & charges please see our Fee schedule.   

Rates posted reflect the dividend rate the Credit Union anticipates it will pay at the end of the dividend period. The actual dividend rates for current quarter may vary. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings, after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period.


Lending Rates

Rates listed are the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and apply to new and refinanced loans.  All rates are subject to change without notice.  
New/Used Auto
Term APR
Up to 84 Months 4.70% - 8.04%
New/Used Recreational Vehicles
Term APR
Up to 72 Months 6.54% - 7.75%
Term APR
Share Secured - Up to 120 Months 3.60%
Share Certificate Secured - Up to 120 Months Certificate APR + 2.00%
Unsecured Personal - Up to 24 Months 13.98%
Full Secured - Up to 60 Months 7.75%
Commercial / Agricultural 
Term APR
Up to 60 Months 7.49% - 7.53%
Real Estate 
Term APR
Up to 20 Years Call for Current Rate(s)
Visa Card
Term APR
Open-end Credit 10.99%

Rates shown are standard rates, actual rates will be determined with approval of credit.  Loan rates are based on monthly income, stability of employment, credit history, current financial obligations, and collateral offered.