EZ Saver Savings Account

Save More, Earn More with the EZ SAVER savings account.  

Not only will this account help you save, but it also earns 2.01% APY monthly.  

Enrollment in this program automatically rounds up the amount of all debit card and share draft purchases made from your UNWFCU checking account to the next whole dollar and deposits in into the EZ Saver savings account. 

*Special terms and conditions apply – see below for details*

*Must have an open checking account 

*No regular deposits to EZ Saver 

*Penalty for withdraw (per occurrance) outside allotted window

       *After 10 consecutive months of saving, the account is eligible for penalty free withdraw for 2 months

*Rounds up debit card transactions and share drafts (checks) 

       *If transaction is an even dollar amount, there is no transfer 

*Transactions will clear the checking account for the exact amount of the transaction.  At the end of the business day, the total rounded amount will transfer from the checking to the EZ Saver in one transaction.  

       *Transactions are labeled as ‘EZ Saver’ in member accounts.