Banzai is an interactive, award-winning program that has taught millions of people real-world finance.  You can find a pathway to your financial goals with Banzai.  With resources that are interactive, easy to use, and free, what are you waiting for?!  Become an expert today!  

The Wellness Center

Financial Literacy is more than just budgeting, though that’s a big part.  With the Wellness Center, you have access to resources that cover all sorts of topics, including insurance, housing, taxes, borrowing and credit, and saving. All of these resources are available on any device at


Straightforward, easy-to-digest articles cover the most important topics to your financial health.  


The Coach is designed to act as a virtual financial expert, guiding you through your unique financial situation.  


Powerful calculators provide personalized and clear numeric and visual answers.


Choose from a variety of topics and access all the articles, coaches, and calculators that pertain to that topic.  

You can explore Banzai by resource type or browse by topic by clicking on the top navigation bar.  Looking for something specific? Plug it into the search bar, find the information you need, and start taking control of your finances right away!