About Us

United Northwest Federal Credit Union was originally United Co-op Credit Union organized in July of 1949 by local area farmers of Norton and Lenora. Meetings were held at the co-op station in Norton with 27 members present for the first meeting. In 1975 a name change took place. From then on it was known as United Northwest Federal Credit Union along with a new location and building along highway 36. As the credit union grew they had an opportunity to open a branch in Oberlin Kansas also in a building along highway 36.

United Northwest Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative. We operate solely to serve our members. We offer similar financial products as banks, but we do it as a service, not as a source of income. That is why you will find that our rates and fees are often significantly lower than you would find at other financial institutions.

When you become a member of United Northwest Federal Credit Union, you become one of its owners. Which gives you the unique opportunity to guide the credit union by electing the volunteer Board of Directors that over-sees the direction of the credit union.

You can be assured that every decision made at United Northwest Federal Credit Union is made with our members' financial well being in mind. United Northwest Federal Credit Union is committed to providing our members with top quality products and a level of personal service that is unsurpassed.