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Membership in this Credit Union is open to individuals who are included in the field of membership as defined in the bylaws. No member will be denied any service of this Credit Union due to discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status or age (provided the applicant has the capacity to enter into a binding contract).


Work or Reside in the Following Counties :

  • Norton
  • Decatur
  • Rawlins


Effective February 15, 2017


          Minimum deposit to open a share account --------------------      $ 50.00

          Maintence fee for statement period

If balance falls below $50.00 -------------------------       $ 1.00

            Accounts open and closed in less than one year ------------     $15.00

            Account Reopening Fee………..$5.00 if reopened within three (3) months

Overdraft fee (lowering passbook account below $50.00) --       $ 5.00


            Maintenance fee for statement period --------------------------        $2.00

              If balance remains above $200.00 during month or statements

are electronic, maintenance fee is waived.                                            

Money market fee -----------------------------------------      $5.00                                 

 If balance falls below $2500.00

            Statement reconcilement fee ----- $20.00/hour with $20.00 minimum

            Share draft copy -----------------------------------------------------    $ 2.00

            Duplicate statement - per page if mailed -------------------------    $ 2.00

                                                - if picked up at Credit Union ----------    No charge

            Statement Copy fee on closed account-------------------------------$5.00 per copy

            Stop payment charge ------------------------------------------------   $15.00 per request

Overdraft fee-Credit Union covers check or Debit card purchases $25.00/check and if over $500.00 there is a $30.00 charge per check or Debit card purchase and if not covered by third day, will be charged $10.00 per day

            ACH return ----------------------------------------------------------------$25.00

            Insufficient funds check that is returned ------------------------------$25.00

            Dormant account fee (where member cannot be found after 4 years) ----- $10.00/month

            Check printing –new accounts free, established accounts $2.00 per page for temporary checks


            Returned check (was deposited to your account) --------------------$10.00

            Money orders ---------------------------------------------------------------$2.00

            Third party checks from your account ----------------------------------$2.00 per check

            Cashier’s checks------------------------------------------------------------$3.00

            Gift Cards--------------------------------------------------------------------$2.50

            Travel Cards-----------------------------------------------------------------$6.00

             Fax Fee-----------------------------------------------------------------------$1.00 per page

            Stop payment on Corporate/Cashier’s Check/Electronic Bill Pay-$15.00

            Wire out fees---------------------------------------------------------------$15.00

            Incoming wire fees-------------------------------------------------------- $5.00

            Transfer from CU to CU at Corporate fee-------------------------------$5.00

            Bill Pay Service-------------------------------------------------------------$2.00/month

            Replacement Debit Card ----------------------------- $1.00 if by mail $5.00 at CU

            Items sent for Collection fee-----------------------------------------------$5.00

            Non-member check cashing fee------------------------------------------$10.00


            ACH Origination setup fee--------------------------------------------------$5.00

Coin rolling fee---------------------------------------3% of total for members, 10% for non-members


            United Northwest Federal Credit Union reserves the right to transfer funds from your share account to cover expandachek items and charges.


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